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Dinosaur Warrior Raija (恐竜武人ライジャ Kyōryū Bujin Raija?) is the eldest son of Melzard. A powerful warrior with red Ceratopsia-like armor, he commanded the Melzard monsters based on land-dwelling creatures. Raija frequently quarreled with his younger brother Dezzle, each trying to outdo the other. Sent to obtain the Insect Medals, Raija battled Kabuto one-on-one after his clone creation was destroyed. Though seemingly killed by Kabuto, Raija managed to take the Scorpion Insect Medal as his body petrified. Raija was later revived by Mother Melzard in a new maroon armored form, empowered by the magma deep within the earth. He found a rival in Descorpion, who also sought to defeat Kabuto. Surviving the Melzardos, Rajia overpowered Kuwagar before battling Kabuto and before being mortally wounded.

concept art

concept art


  • Giant Elephant Beast Elebammoth (1)
  • Violent Dragon Beast Dinozaura (3-4, 24)
  • Mole Beast Mogerado (6)
  • Flame Ant Beast Baeria (8)
  • Leaping Fist Beast Gangaroo (10)
  • Thorn Illusion Beast Zabodera (12, 24)
  • Bat Beast Zyren (14, 24)
  • Fang Tiger Beast Dorafire (16)
  • Destroyed Flower Beast Groba (18)
  • Heat Fruit Beast Pineappler (19)
  • Heat Wind Beast Zarst (21, 35)
  • Changing Color Beast Gameleorda (22, 35)
  • Frightful Warrior Beast Driceraija (26-27)
  • Darkness Devil Beast Zadan (44)
  • Darkness Wave Beast Dargriffon (47)

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