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"Diana Lady!"
―Diana Lady's roll call[src]

Diana (ダイアナ Daiana?): She is 18 years old and Spielban's partner fighting as Diana Lady (ダイアナレディ Daiana Redii?) by performing the same techniques as Spielban to activate her own white and red suit. Like Spielban, Diana is quite capable in a fight both in and out of uniform and carries with her the Lady Sniper which acts as her own personal weapon. She primarily serves as a backup for Spielban when they battle the mechanoids or when the Waller send out assault vehicles. There have been times when the Waller have turned their attention towards her once they recognized how much of a threat to them she can be. A running gag on the show was that she would use her charm and sex appeal on the Kinclons, distracting them from their duties while she made her move. Another gag is that she sometimes uses her rear end to attack the Kinclons, which apparently knocks them out cold.

Diana Lady


Diana Lady


  • Lady Sniper


  • Energy Charge

Behind the scenes


Diana is portrayed by Makoto Sumikawa. As Diana Lady, her suit actors were Mieko Ooishi and Shoji Hachisuka.


Diana Lady is featured as #100 in the 1986 archive compilation video Toei 100 Great Heroes Super FightIcon-crosswiki.


  • Her crystallized form was named after Lady Diana.


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