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Deep Sea Fish-man Dezzle (深海魚人デズル Shinkai Gyojin Dezuru?): is the second son of Melzard. Dezzle was Raija's constant rival, and wore an elaborate blue costume with fins and a fishlike helmet. He commanded the Melzard monsters based on water-dwelling creatures and often actively sabotaged Raija's plans. After Raija was killed, Dezzle was granted greater power from Mother Melzard and became Dezzle the Great (デズル・ザ・グレート Dezuru Za Gurēto?, 31). He was defeated by the Input Rifle, with only his head remaining. Dord placed Dezzle's head on a tank. Dezzle was later revived by Mother Melzard in a new, mysterious form. His new form, giving him new power from the darkness of the deep sea, had no torso and a white mask which hid his face. Dezzle later found the B-Fighters' base of operations, assuming Professor Osanai's form to activate the BF Base's self-destruct along with a virus to spread to the other branches. He overpowered Kuwagar and Tentou as Kabuto arrived. They took the fight outside while Professor Osanai deleted the virus. He almost killed Kabuto until he was hit by the Input Rifle. He accidentally fell into the Kabuto Lancer still latched unto Dord before he is killed by the Input Rifle.


  • Trilo-Beast Zazanyoda (2)
  • Shell Turtle Beast Gamegeron (5)
  • Covering Star Beast Hitodenajiru (7)
  • Greedy Fish Beast Coelaganza (11)
  • Hell Sickle Beast Hellgama (13, 24)
  • Changing Body Beast Isogilala (15, 24)
  • Sea Scorpion Beast Kaizazora (17)
  • Water Dwelling Beast Kapparapa (20)
  • Poison Fin Beast Okozezeze (23, 35)
  • Spirit Evil Beast Zanshoror (24, 35)

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