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Death-God Moss (死神モス Shinigami Mosu?) An European gang leader wanted by Interpol. Moss came to Japan to steal rare seed samples from a secured botanical laboratory. The seeds were meant to combat an upcoming famine that was predicted for the 21st century. With the seeds in his possession, Moss could potentially conquer the world. Moss had a large army at his beck and call, including a pair of female soldiers who drove a super sports car that destroyed the WinSquad and severely injured Ryouma. He leads a gang that assaults around the world. Moss kidnapped a scientist and also Bikel, who was disassembled and saved by Demitasse.He also had a spy within the lab who provided invaluable information and access to the coveted seeds. However, Winspectordiscovered the spy, rebuilt the WinSquad with the new FireSquadupgrade, and gave chase to Moss and his femme fatales. Moss was arrested by Fire. Ryouma is Dead!? The Death-God Moss' Counterattack!!



  • Death-God Moss is portrayed by Aydin Yamanlar and voiced by Eiji Maruyama


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