Darkness Wave Beast Dargriffon is a monster in B-Fighter Kabuto.

Born from a lion fossil and an eagle fossil, Dargriffon is a griffin-themed monster that has an eagle face with a lion face above it. He can emit dark shockwaves from his chest that affect everything insect-related and to ensure the spread of darkness. While he fought the New Generation of B-Fighters, the First Generation of B-Fighters arrived with their newest weapon.

Dargriffon later returned and resumed his attack. The New Generation of B-Fighters fight Dargriffon where they hold it at bay until the First Generation of B-Fighters arrive while Sage Guru sacrifices himself. After the First Generation of B-Fighters negated Dargriffon's powers, the New Generation of B-Fighters used their signature attacks to finish off Dargriffon.

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