This article is about a/an duo of villains in Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya.

Darkness Ninja Devil Cats (闇忍 デビルキャッツ Yaminin Debiru Kyattsu?): An international jewel thief who lives a civilian as the fortune teller Kuroneko (黒猫?). He is very proud of his work and hates being called a petty thief. He wields a variety of weapons and has a ninja art which allows him to produce tarot cards. In Episode 36, he is arrested after being defeated and unmasked by Jiraiya and Reiha. He escapes from jail and in Episode 48, he fights Jiraiya again alongside Parchis and Silver Shark.


An image depicting Jiraiya fighting Devil Cats is among those seen when Kasumi MomochiIcon-crosswiki looks up the legendary ninja in the thirty-fourth episodeIcon-crosswiki of Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki.

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