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Daiki Nishio/SolBraver (西尾 大樹/ソルブレイバー Nishio Daiki/Sorubureiba?) is Ryouma's successor. He wears blue armor and his primary vehicle is SolGallop. He only can wear his solid suit and his transformation call is "Plus Up" (プラスアップ Purasu Appu?). He and Reiko are the only humans on the team. He is armed with Cerberus Delta (a triangular gun), which can transform into a rod or a sword.


Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain

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Jetman Stage Show at 3 Heroes Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki.png

In a stage show where the JetmanIcon-crosswiki.png are fighting Dimensional War Party VyramIcon-crosswiki.png, SolBraver, SolJeanne and Fire arrive and assist the Jetman.

Jetman Stage Show at Super Hero Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki.png

In a stage show where the Jetman are fighting Dimensional War Party Vyram, SolBraver, Knight Fire, Kamen Rider Black RXIcon-crosswiki.png, Five RedIcon-crosswiki.png and BlueIcon-crosswiki.png, RedIcon-crosswiki.png and Pink TurboIcon-crosswiki.png, Yellow LionIcon-crosswiki.png and Red MaskIcon-crosswiki.png arrive and assist the Jetman.


Daiki in his Solid Suit



Metal Hero Key

SolBraver Ranger Key

The SolBraver Key (ソルブレイバー Sorubureiba Kī?) is a Metal Heroes Ranger KeyIcon-crosswiki.png released as part of the Ranger Keys Metal Hero Edition in Bandai Premium. It is unknown if it will appear in a future crossover. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transformIcon-crosswiki.png one, i.e. one of the GokaigersIcon-crosswiki.png, into SolBraver.




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