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Cybertron Logo

The show was originally called Psycon and Cybertron in pre-production, but was later changed to VR Troopers.

The Cybertron pilot starred Jason David Frank as Adam Steele and drew its source footage from Metalder. Frank's character was depicted as a solo hero going up against an army of sentient robots known as War Drones who were led by the evil Grimlord. Grimlord's alternate identity in the pilot was known as Cyrus Riktor (Gardner Baldwin) who also had a son named Percy Riktor, Adam's martial arts rival. Tao Chong (Richard Rabago) was also present and served as Adam's caretaker and sensei and Cybertron's mentor. Tao also had a daughter named Mia, and Doug Sloan played the part of Tyler Steele. A pair of bumbling news reporters named Elmo (played by Jamie Kennedy) and Scuzzy, who would've served as the series' comic relief, were also featured.[1] These two characters and Percy Riktor were merged into Percival Rooney III

The Psycon premise was similar to the Cybertron pilot, with the robot army known as Cyberdrones, the inclusion of Mouse MacKenzie as a supporting character, and Mia being Tao's granddaughter.[2]


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  • Cybertron is, coincidentally, the name of the Transformers' home planet. The producers most likely realized this before having to change the name to VR Troopers.
    • Coincidentally enough, Saban sold most of the Power Rangers franchise and merchandise rights to Hasbro (the company that owns the Transformers franchise) 14 years later.
  • VR Troopers toys were produced by Kenner (original toy brand for Star Wars) rather than Bandai, which would explain the namesake itself.
  • The theme song for this pilot was later rewritten for "Go Green Ranger Go" in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2.
  • In the first rough cut of the show's development, Seiji Yokoyama's score ("The Breath" in Choujinki Metalder OST) from Metalder was heard during the preview of Grimlord's voice over.

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