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This article is about a/an combatant in Uchuu Keiji Gavan.

Crushers in winter clothes

Crushers in summer clothes

Crushers (クラッシャー Kurasshā?) are the foot soldiers of Makuu. They wear black leather jumpers, and wield knives and beam guns in combat. Some Crushers have the ability to transform into humans and have disguised themselves as Mimi, a humanoid alien. Even during transformation, if it receives a strong shock, it will return to its original form, and if the damage is severe, it may die as it is (as in the case of a Crusher who played the role of Paul Ichiboshi's assistant in the black hole box of Magic Doubler). In Episode 35, a Crusher with a different face appears. They are unlimited in number and act only when in groups.

Crushers concept art

Crushers concept art (present head)

Behind the Scenes


The Crushers were designed by an Takayuki Masuo.