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Cottonja (ワタジャ?): A floating spore-like organism that emerged from a rose. While conducting his research by the lake Spielban found a sad little girl. She quickly ran off leaving her backpack behind. The backpack had her address and name which revealed that she was the daughter of a renowned scientist. Spielban returned the backpack, but the scientist and his daughter were being held hostage by the Waller. The scientist was forced to conduct experiments for the Waller while his daughter kept him fed and made it appear to the public that everything was alright. Spielban sneaked in to save them, but Deathzero threatened to kill them and forced Spielban to throw down his gun. The scientist mustered his courage and broke free from the Kinclons clutches which allowed Spielban to attack. Cottonja had no body and it was difficult for Spielban to land a decent hit. Spielban destroyed it with his laser sword finishing attack.

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