This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Japanese and American Metal Heroes franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Yousuke Jou and JB Reese.

Dimensional Warrior Spielban
Spielban Henshin


Yousuke Jou JB Reese
Is from 23rd Century Earth (known in that time as the planet Clin). Is from modern-day Earth.

Was leader of his fighting team (which was first a duo then a trio when his sister joined).

Was not leader of the VR Troopers (which were a trio).
He drove his own jeep. He dtrives his own Motorcycle.
His father became Bio Army Leader Doctor Bio. Had no relation to Colonel Icebot.
His sister had become Hellvira, and later fought by his side as Helen Lady. Had no relation to Amy/Red Python, Kaitlin Star, or her double.
He does not have a monstrous form and did not became evil. He became Transmutant by Grimlord, who was a counterpart to Hedogross Jr. from Metalder.
Never encountered Metalder or Shaider. Never battled God Neros or the Fuuma. Battled Grimlord and both of his bands of followers. Was involved with Oraclon's destruction.
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