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Command Voicer.

Insect Commander.

Card Input System Command Voicers (カード入力システム コマンドボイサー Kādo Nyūryoku Shisutemu Komando Boisā?) are the transformation devices used by all seven B-Fighters. The first three of the New Generation of B-Fighters (Kouhei Toba/B-Fighter Kabuto, Kengo Tachibana/B-Fighter Kuwagar, and Ran Ayukawa/B-Fighter Tentou) use the original version while the four New B-Fighters (Mac Windy/B-Fighter Yanma, Julio Rivera/B-Fighter Genji, Li Wen/B-Fighter Min, and Sophie Villeneuve/B-Fighter Ageha) use a variant called the Insect Commanders (インセクトコマンダー Insekuto Komandā?). They store the Neo Insect Armor which is activated when the users of the Command Voicer insert their respective data card and shout "Chou Juukou!" (超重甲! Chōjūkō!, Super Heavy Shell!?). They were also utilized to summon their various vehicles and weaponry, either via voice-command or by inserting a data card. The Command Voicers disappeared with the Astral Saber and Geist Axe after Jadow Mothera is defeated.

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