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Combat-Mecha Ikari-Bomber 2 (イカリ-ボンバー2, Ikari - Bonbā 2, 27 & 30): Ikari-Bomber was rebuilt as Ikari-Bomber 2, with a new orange-colored body and slightly different head. Ikari Bomber 2 was now able to self-explode and self-repair. However, during a battle at a junkyard, he accidentally incorpated a hair clipper into his body, which grafted itself onto his left hand. Overcome by the hair clipper's desire to cut hair and to seek revenge to those who had discarded it when it was still usable, Ikari-Bomber went on a rampage, shaving people's heads. He kept being demolished and coming back together until the B-Fighters were finally able to destroy him by destroying his remains one by one to hinder his self-repair ability. He is revived and destroyed again in Episode 30, off-screen.

Ikari-Bomber 2's face was later seen on Destruction God Jagul.

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