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Makuu Prison Warden Ashurada (魔空監獄獄長アシュラーダ Makū Kangoku Gokuchō Ashurāda?): Primary antagonist of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie. The chief of the Zangyack's prison in Makuu Space who has inherited the blood of Don Horror, thus able to access Makuu Space. He has six arms and the ability to produce Makuu Space and the Makuu City. He disguised himself as the Chief of Space Police Weeval (宇宙警察総裁ウィーバル Uchū Keisatsu Sōsai Wībaru?) to spy on the Space Police. He is defeated by the Gokaigers before being destroyed by Gokai Red and Gavan.

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Ashurada is voiced by Shiro Sano (佐野 史郎 Sano Shirō?), who also portrays Weeval.

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