This article is about a/an space sheriff in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Cervano Torres is Alexis' cousin who was raised in relative comfort and security under the wealthy Torres family but later leaves after finding out he was an adopted child. Because of this he is kidnapped by the Kuuma but is saved by Gallian and Alexis. But even with his less than pleasing personality he manages to attract the girls—everyone except Amy. He has a robot which was made to serve him called Robix (a customized Robosapien that transforms from a Rubik's Cube). He is also the biological son of Sharina, one of Shaider's children (she is named after Sharivan the space sheriff). Drigo mistakenly assumes Cervano is his son. It turns out to be the son of Commander Zion, which Helen and Luna relate to him. When he transforms he says: Codename: Zaido Red: Bantay ng Kalayaan (Guardian of Freedom). In the end Cervano is torn between either remaining with the Galactic Force or staying on Earth with Amy and eventually decides to be with her.

Weapons and arsenal

  • Zaido Blade – a powerful sword used by the three Zaidos. Its finishing move is Zaido Super Slash.
  • Zaido Blaster – a laser gun used to shoot enemies and monsters.
  • Zaido Super Bow – a weapon used only by Zaido Red to target and shoot enemies.
  • Zaido Badges – the henshin devices which have the ability to transform into Zaido. Carmela and Amy can transform themselves also but not in Zaido armor.
  • Zaido Moves


  • Zaido Falcons – an updated version of Shaider's Blue Hawk used to transport them into Time Space Warp.
  • Avilo – an updated version of Shaider's Vavilos. This vehicle has two modes: a giant robot and a giant gun which can wipe out Kuuma gunships and occasionally gigantic monsters. The interior also houses a command center.
  • Sky Fighter – an updated version of Shaider's Sky Shaian used to wipe out Kuuma spaceships.