This article is about a/an villain in Kidou Keiji Jiban.

Bubi and Muku (Pugui and Muguie in the Brazilian dub) The cute and not so-cute creatures living in Bioron's base. Muku was one of Jiban's foes in early chapters, in giant size, but only as a distraction. The 4 critters had a tendency to annoy Marsha and Karsha with their Commentary of what the 2 recently did during that episode. Sometimes just showing up once to be used as target practice by the Bionoids demonstrating their powers. The 4 became friends with Mayumi when she told them about a Mothers love and she tried to defend them from Marsha and Karsha who attacked the critters for saving Mayumi's life by defusing the bomb in Fakemomnoid. They hung out with Mayumi in the finale.

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