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Blocker (ブロッカー Burokkā?): A powerful white robot equipped with a hook and a large blaster pack on its shoulder. Blocker has the ability to detach its arms to attack its opponents. Spielban's friend, a young boy named Nobuo, was playing a motorcycle arcade game. Nobuo was then approached by a strang man who offered him a chance to try out a new arcade game. The game was a trap and Nobuo's mind became trapped inside a virtual world. Spielban follows and has his mind trapped as well. Inside the virtual world, and unable to transform, Spielban went through endless bizarre events during his quest to find Nobuo. Every time Spielban came close to Nobuo and the mysterious man, his location kept changing from the urban city, to rock quarries, to train yards. With each new setting there were simulated people who looked harmless but attacked him without warning, including a pair of white robotic hands. The hands belonged to the robot Blocker. Meanwhile, his real body was transported to a hospital with Diana watching over him. Every injury Spielban sustained in the virtual world, his body also suffered. His body was also in danger as the surgeon treating it was Blocker in disguise. The surgeon attacked Diana, who pleaded Spielban to wake up. Spielban managed to wake up from his virtual nightmare to battle Blocker. He managed to cut off Blocker's arms and kick off its head, but it makes no difference and the robot continues to attack. It was finally defeated for good by Spielban's Arc Impulse. Nobuo was saved as well and was eager to play more video games.

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