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Bio Army Leader Doctor Bio (軍団 リーダードクターバイオ Baiogundan Rīdā Dokutaa Baio?, 121, 2530, 43): Formerly Spielban's father, Doctor Ben. Because of his great skills in biology he was captured by the Waller Empire and converted into the leader of Waller's Bio Army. He creates Biohumans and Battle-Lifeforms with Lifeform Modification Surgery. He was also protective of Helen and constantly watched over her like a father would. Bio can unleash vine-like appendages from his arms and wields a giant sword in battle. He even created a clone of himself once. In his first and only battle against Spielban he mutated and ended up in a Bioroid monster form, Bioroid Bio (ep 21, 30).

Bioroid Bio's abilities included transforming into plant life and/or slime and summoning small bee-like creatures and tentacles from his body. In this battle Helen tries to protect, and prevent him from fighting, his son Spielban before she was forcibly transformed into Hellvira to fight too. Pandora sets up an explosive trap to kill Bio, Helen, Diana, and Spielban all at once though, unfortunately for her, all four of them survive. Bio uses his slime morphing ability to pull his daughter and himself to safety.

After surviving the battle Bio returns to the Empire and transforms into a floating brain with eyeballs and a spinal cord. Dr. Bio breaks Helen's remote control and is attacked by Deathzero under Pandora's orders. Afterwards Pandora takes away his privilege of moving around freely and imprisons him in a water-filled glass tube. He returns to his Dr. Bio form, with Pandora's efforts, and is returned to his original human self, via the energy of the Gamedeath, soon afterwards. During the final he is killed by Pandora when she battles the heroes and he intervenes to help them destroy her. Doctor Ben was "restored to life" in the alternate future timeline in which the Waller Empire never existed. He also has no memories of the Waller, unlike his son and daughter.

Battle Lifeforms

  • Sporeja (5 & 6)
  • Cottonja (13)
  • Seaja (15)

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