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This article is about a/an two-part episode in Big Bad Beetleborgs.

Beetle Rock is the opening two-parter of Big Bad Beetleborgs.


Part 1

Drew, Roland and Jo are hanging out at Zoom Comics when local bullies Van and Trip dare them to go into the old abandoned Hillhurst House.

Part 2

The three kids unleash Flabber from his organ, and are each granted one wish. They choose to become their favorite comic-books heroes, the Beetleborgs, but now have to deal with the evil Magnavors that have escaped from the comic book world.


Roland, Drew, and Jo are ordinary kids just like anybody else. But when a magical spirit with some wacky sense of humor grants them their biggest wish, they get to find out what life is like as their favorite super heroes: the Beetleborgs! It's Thursday afternoon, which means Drew is at Zoom Comics checking out the new comic books -- especially, Beetleborgs. Moments later, Roland and Jo are caught up in the latest Beetleborg adventure. But leave it to Van and Trip, the town bullies, to spoil the fun with a challenge -- to see who can stay in the old haunted house outside of town the longest. Little do they know, the house is home to creatures of the night...and Frank's always grumpy when he first wakes up! As the trio tries to escape, Jo trips into the pipe organ and releases... Flabber, the phasm (A super cool interdimensional being with magical powers!). To thank the gang for freeing him, Flabber offers to grant them one wish. They ask to be turned into the Beetleborgs...and their wish comes true! But Flabber's magic has backfired. The Beetleborgs' enemies, the Magnavors, are free now, too. The Beetleborgs are victorious in their first battle but the evil trio have managed to escape, and as long as they're on the loose, no one is safe.


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  • The movie Jara, Typhus & Noxic crash is Nosferatu (1922).

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