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This article is about a/an villain in Uchuu Keiji Gavan.

The Beast-Alien Doublemen (獣星人ダブルマン Jūseijin Daburuman?, 1-13) are the generals of Makuu who can assume a human form. They are aided by the BEM Monsters. Unlike BEM monsters, they only assume the form of monsters and can combine with other BEM Monsters to form Doublers.


An alien who lived on a star that Makuu had controlled. Hiding in society in the form of a human being, carrying out and assisting operational activities. Often disguised as a people with high social status and a people with good connections.

There are several types of Doubleman, but all of them are called only "Doubleman" in the series. There are a total of 8 planet Doubleman, but the Antares Star's Doubleman has not appeared[1]. Many Zombie Star's Doubleman have appeared in the series, and several individuals that seem to be enhanced have also appeared. In the sixth episode, a strategy was carried out to convert an Earthling child into a Doubleman.

Behind the Scenes


Doubleman's design (Zombie A).

Takayuki Masuo (増尾 隆之 Masuo Takayuki?) is in charge of the design[2]. According to him, zombies were supposed to be intelligent sci-fi characters, receiving images and instructions like metal mutants, but in reality they were often portrayed as fighting characters[3].


  • In the book "All Kaiju Kaijin Volume 2", the alphabets are assigned in the order of appearance[4], and in the book "Space Sheriff Taizen", the stars of Doubleman's origin are also listed[5].


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