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Batilar (カーミラー Kamirā?): A copper-colored bat-themed robot who was sent, alongside Kinclons, to capture an alien couple who crash landed on Earth. The alien travelers story was much like Spielban and Diana's, which had happened years ago. Spielban managed to rescue the female, while the male was successfully captured by the Waller. Batilar launched and latched his tentacled tongue onto the spaceman, draining him of his blue-colored blood while storing his robotic bat-like body. The blood was then turned into blue-like stones/pearls that were given to Pandora and used as an offering to the Waller deity. As the alien hostages were being taken back Spielban appeared and rescued them, which lead to him and Diana having a battle with Batilar, Deathzero, and the Kinclons. After the Kinclons had been taken care of, Spielban fought Batilar, who attacked by biting him on the neck. Though overwhelming at first, Spielban endured and destroyed this robot with his Arc Impulse.

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