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B-Crusher Mukadelinger (ムカデリンガー Bi Kurassha Mukaderingā?) is the polar opposite of B-Crusher Descorpion. Also known as the Cold-Blooded Armored General (冷血鎧将 Reiketsu Gaishō?) with armor modeled after a centipede. He uses the centipede legs on his armor to control ordinary humans via mind control, such as when he attempted revenge on Mac Windy. Leaving Melzard, he challenged the B-Fighters despite learning that he had a bomb inside him and then took Yui hostage. The New B-Fighters arrived and used their signature moves to weaken Mukadelinger before Kabuto defeated him with the Input Rifle. Mother Melzard activated the bombs and destroyed Mukadelinger.

B-Crusher Mukadelinger

B-Crusher Mukadelinger

B-Crusher Mukadelinger


  • Hundred Feeler (ハンドレッドフィーラー Handoretto Fīrā?) - Mukadelinger's main weapon, a trident.
  • Mukadenic Bomb (ムカデニックボム Mukadenikku Bomu?) - A blaster revealed when Mukadelinger's chest opens.

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