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B-Crusher Killmantis (キルマンティス Bi Kurassha Kirumantisu?) is a mantis-armored expert at using bladed weapons. Also known as the Demon Blade Armored General (魔剣鎧将 Maken Gaishō?).

Sent with B-Crusher Beezack to the Neo B-Machine hangar to destroy the mecha, Killmantis learned they'd been sent on a suicide mission where Kabuto wounded them. Near death, Killmantis sacrificed himself to complete his mission.

B-Crusher Killmantis

B-Crusher Killmantis


  • Felinger Snipe (フェリンガースナイプ Feringā Sunaipu?) - Killmantis' main weapons, two bladed sickles, that allow him to cut through millions of peaches in blinding speed with lightning-fast strikes.
  • Killer Hands (キラーハンズ Kirā Hanzu?)

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