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B-Crusher Descorpion (デスコーピオン Bi Kurassha Desukōpion?) is the leader of the B-Crushers. Also known as the "Deadly Poison Armored General" (猛毒(もうどく) 鎧将(がいしょう) Mōdoku Gaishō?), his armor was modeled after a scorpion.

Character History

Descorpion was born from a Scorpion Medal (サソリメダル Sasori Medaru?) that Yui discovered in Kuroganeyama, Japan, and was robbed by Raija at the end of the battle. He is an honorable warrior by nature, preferring to fight fair compared to his teammates' methods. His rival is Raija, who also wants to defeat Kabuto. Once tried to kill Kabuto using a bomb attached to his belt buckle. He wielded the Geist Axe until Mother Melzard took it from him. When the B-Fighters enter the Melzardis, Descorpion fights them as Raija and Miolra join in. Surviving the Melzardos' crash, Descorpion battles Kabuto, killed by Kabuto's Liner Blast. He praised Kabuto despite being fatally injured by Kabuto's attack, and exploded with joy that he had reached the end of his satisfaction as a warrior, accepting his defeat.

B-Crusher Descorpion

B-Crusher Descorpion


  • Jumping power: 60 m
  • Running power: 100 m for 2.3 seconds


  • Poison Anchor (ポイズンアンカー Poizun Ankā?): The whip on his right arm used to strangle enemies. It is equipped with a poison needle that instantly kills an elephant with 1 milligram.
  • Slaughter Scissors (スローターシザース Surōtā Shizāsu?): The claw-attachment on his left forearm used for slashing attacks. Also can cuts through an iron pillar with a diameter of 50 cm.

Behind the Scenes


Descorpion was voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹 Inada Tetsu?). His suit actor is unknown.

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