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B-Crusher Beezack (ビーザック Bi Kurassha Bīzakku?) is a bee-armored master of disguise and illusion assuming human guides to lower his enemies' guard. Also known as the Mirage Armored General (変幻鎧将 Hengen Gaishō?), he can hide himself and attack from shelter.

Sent with B-Crusher Killmantis to the Neo B-Machine hangar to destroy the mecha, Like Killmantis, Beezak did not know they'd been sent on a suicide mission and sacrificed himself.

B-Crusher Beezack

B-Crusher Beezack

B-Crusher Beezack


  • Hardoc Shocker (ハードックショッカー Hādokku Shokkā?) - his main weapon which can be attached to his right forearm.

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