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Anntenaes corresponding to the 1st-generation B-Fighters - Left to right: Blue Beet, G-Stag, & Reddle

"Heavy Shell!"
―Transformation call[src]

The B-Commander(s) (ビー・コマンダー/B・コマンダー Bī-Komandā?) are the B-Fighters' transformation devices. The transformation command is Heavy Shell! (重甲! Jūkō!?). The B-Commanders later disappear with Guru's death in B-Fighter Kabuto.


The B-Commander is presented, and the "wings" of the B-Commander are opened via a switch located underneath, revealing a small figure of his/her B-Fighter alias inside. The user swings the device up and to the direction opposite of the arm holding it, before swinging it again, this time to the side of the arm holding the B-Commander, with it held at a horizontal position, and the free arm held nearby. Finally, the user hits a switch, and then lowers the device down to raise it to the sky as it activates. The user's body is armored up by parts of their B-Fighter armor gathering around.

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