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The Astralborgs are a group of Beetleborg-like warriors, created by Art Fortunes as a child when he & Les worked together on their only collaboration called the Lost Comic. The Astralborgs consist of Dragonborg, Fireborg, Lightningborg, & Ladyborg. They have weaponry that they sometimes lent to the main three Beetleborgs.


Dragonborg Dragonborg
Fireborg Fireborg
Lightningborg Lightningborg
Ladyborg Ladyborg


  • Astral Bonders: The Astralborgs use this version of the Data Bonder to give the Beetleborgs new weapons to use in battle.
  • Astral Blaster: Combination of the Data Laser, the Astral Laser, the Astral Datadex, & the Astral Pulsar, usually held by the Chromium Gold Beetleborg.
    • Data Laser
    • Astral Laser: Dragonborg's dragonfly energy-blasting gun. It is also used by Chromium Gold Beetleborg.
    • Astral Datadex: A device that Titanium Silver Beetleborg can attach to the back of the Data Laser & give them elemental powers including flame & lightning.
    • Astral Pulsar: Platinum Purple Beetleborg's small handheld device can use to either ruin or restore.
  • Astral Sabers: Lightningborg's long swords that vibrate at high speeds to cut through objects.
  • Astral Launcher: Fireborg's large cannon that fits over his forearm.
  • Astral Bazooka: Ladyborg's large cannon that opens up like a flower to fire a powerful beam.
  • Astral Sonic Cannon: Weapon on Lightningborg's chest used to give his enemy ear aches, later involving a laser blast afterwards.



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