This article is about a/an set of villains in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

The Amasonas (literally Amazons) are a revival of the Girl's Army in the original Shaider series. The term was used to describe the Girl's Army in the Philippine dubbed version of Shaider. Unlike the original kunoichi who were unidentified, the new Amasonas are identified by color and are in reality, human beings taken from Planet Earth. All the amasonas have had a bad history with the men in their lives. During that time, the Kuuma Empire was also in dire need of reinforcements, as a lot of Drigo's men were killed in the battle with the three Zaido. Ida took advantage of this point when the girls were filled with hatred, sorrow and confusion, and brought them and other girls who were also troubled in a "seminar" for women called KUMA or KUmakalinga sa mga Magdalenang Api (lit: Those who care for oppressed women). The five were chosen because according to Ida, they had the most hatred inside of them, plus he didn't want the looks of all the other girls. Ida hypnotized and brought the five girls to the Kuuma headquarters where they were turned into amasonas. The colors of their respective Amasona outfits are the same as the colors of the dress/clothes they were wearing during their transformation. Their powers are using gold magic dust to put victims into sleep. Later, they have remembered their loved ones and their lives and have to betray the Kuuma. However, Ida orders the Kuumas to reprogram the Amasonas to make them stronger than before. Later, unlike the original series in which the Girls Army members were killed through various means (such as Girl 1 and Girl 3 being killed by Shaider while the remaining members being devoured by Kubilai as a source of power), they revert into their normal lives and join the forces, the Zaido, against Kuuma.


Amasonang Lila Debbie
Amasonang Itim Sonia Tamano
Amasonang Rosas Marla
Amasonang Puti Stacy
Amasonang Kahel Rhea