This article is about a/an ally/villain in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Amasonang Rosas (Pink Amazon), known as Marla, is a martial arts expert who used to be one of Doctor Eng's boarders. Before she became an Amasona, she was being harassed by her training officer at a fast food chain. When she rejected his advances, she was eliminated from the training and was replaced by another one who is more "qualified" when in reality she just refused to kiss the officer. Of all the Amasonas, she is the strongest. Her weapons are a pair of short, trident-like blades. Marla turns into human again and joins the forces of good. After the final battle, she reunites with Amy. In the end, Marla works with Doctor Eng in his medicine store.

Amasonang Rosas/Marla is portrayed by Melissa Avelino.