This article is about a/an ally/villain in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Sonia Tamano, or known as Amasonang Itim (Black Amazon), used to be a colleague of Carmela in a security agency. Seeing Gallian save her from a hostage-taker made her readily fall for him. However, after making advances on him, she was rejected by Gallian and was told off by Carmela. Adding the fact that she was cheated upon by her former boyfriend, she was pushed to the brink which made her join KUMA. Now, she is an expert in pistols and fights for the forces of Kuuma. Sonia joins the Zaido against the Kuuma. Sonia, along with Marla and Debbie, saves Rhea and Stacy from Shadow's attack and stops him also. After the final battle, she reunites with Carmela. In the end, Sonia takes care of Mona after her friend Carmela decides to leave with Gallian for good.

Iwa Moto played the role of Amasonang Itim/Sonia Tamano.