This article is about a/an space sheriff in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Alexis Lorenzo comes from a poor family. After watching his father die from a sniper's bullet he has since vowed to help destroy evil. He became a policeman and tried to live up to the principles of righteousness even when his colleagues were being corrupted by criminal elements. When Gallian finds him he joins the Galactic Force and eventually becomes the Green Zaido. He has feelings for Amy but has not yet realized this. His name, Alexis, is the same as the main character in the Philippine dubbed version of Shaider. Alexis turns out to be Drigo's son, which Helen had said to him, and half-human half-Kuuma. Due to his jealousy over Cervano and Amy's romance and his father Drigo, he joined Kuuma and he is renamed as "Sigma" by Le-ar. As Sigma he commands the revived Kuuma monsters to bring forth chaos on Planet Earth. Despite being a Kuuma, he does not kill his mother. Alexis, along his brother Alvaro, witness the death of their mother who was killed by Le-ar. Before the final battle between Le-ar and the Zaido, Alexis returns as Zaido Green after he forgives Gallian, Cervano and his friends. When he transforms he utters the words: Codename: Zaido Green: Sugo ng Kabutihan (Disciple of Goodness). In the end he tells his cousin Thor that he needs to resign as an officer so that he may work in Galactic Force but instead he chooses to stay on Planet Earth and finally lives with his brothers and Mona.

Weapons and arsenal

  • Zaido Blade – a powerful sword used by the three Zaidos. Its finishing move is Zaido Super Slash.
  • Zaido Blaster – a laser gun used to shoot enemies and monsters.
  • Zaido Badges – the henshin devices which have the ability to transform into Zaido. Carmela and Amy can transform themselves also but not in Zaido armor.
  • Zaido Moves


  • This is Marky Cielo's final appearance of the show before his death.
  • Since Zaido Green is the series' counterpart of Shaider, Marky Cielo's untimely demise in 2008 mirrros that of Hiroshi Tsuburaya's own death seven years prior.


  • Zaido Falcons – an updated version of Shaider's Blue Hawk used to transport them into Time Space Warp.
  • Avilo – an updated version of Shaider's Vavilos. This vehicle has two modes: a giant robot and a giant gun which can wipe out Kuuma gunships and occasionally gigantic monsters. The interior also houses a command center.
  • Sky Fighter – an updated version of Shaider's Sky Shaian used to wipe out Kuuma spaceships.