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Emperor Akudos Gill (皇帝アクドス・ギル Kōtei Akudosu Giru?) is the leader of the Zangyack Empire.

Vs. Gavan

Akudos Gill had an agreement with Makuu Prison Chief Ashurada, a descendant of the former Makuu boss, Don Horror, to use Gavan to catalyze the blood of Don Horror in his veins, which would make Makuu Space expand and consume the Earth. The Zangyack gave Ashurada whatever resources he needed for his plan, such as Gavan Bootleg, a robot warrior created from the combined technologies of the Zangyack and the Space Police, which replicated all of Gavan's abilities, along with an army of Gormin and Zugormin. This plot was eventually foiled by Gavan and the Gokaigers, who destroyed Asurada. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie

Behind the scenes

Akudos Gill (Gokaiger vs Gavan site)

A promotional image of Akudos Gill in Gokaiger vs. Gavan.


Though an emperor, Akudos carries the AkudoSword (アクドソード Akudosōdo?) with him nonetheless. After his first Earth invasion was destroyed by first thirty-four Super Sentai teams, Akudos sends Warz with a second invasion force. However, though the Super Sentai teams were no longer a threat by then, Akudos sent Damarasu to oversee Warz's actions out of a lack of confidence in his son's abilities. Eventually, he sends two of his Dogomin to deliver the Great Warz for the Gigant Horse crew to use so that the invasion gets back on track. However, when news of Warz's death reaches him, Akudos arrives to the Gigant Horse with his personal fleet to assume full command of the invasion while making examples out of both the Gokaigers for their crimes while giving Damarasu a chance of redeeming himself for failing to protect Warz. But after seeing the Gokaigers destroy Damarasu, he decides to halt the invasion and refocus his full attention on the pirates by calling all Zangyack forces to Earth.

Once his forces are gathered, using Insarn to weaken the Gokaigers, Akudos proceeds to send the entire fleet down to Earth with the intent of killing the pirates and executing planetary genocide. But when Gokai Red and Gokai Silver manage to ram into and take control of the Gigant Horse with the Free Joker, and proceed to wipe out the entire invasion fleet surrounding it before sinking it, Akudos battles the Gokaigers, putting up a tough fight and withstanding most of their attacks. However, Akudos is finally destroyed by the Gokaigers using Gokai Galleon Buster's Rough Wave at contact shot range. With no one to succeed Akudos as his son and the majority of his military force all dead, the remaining branches of the Zangyack Empire across the universe begin to splinter and dissolve.


Akudos Gill is voiced by Shinji Ogawa (小川 真司 Ogawa Shinji?).

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