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Adam Steele was the original counterpart of Ryusei Tsurugi from Choujinki Metalder. American actor Jason David Frank shot a pilot as Adam, for the show Cybertron (and was the main character).

Character History


As a child, Adam and his father where celebrating christmas around their christmas tree, when Adam received his present of a toy of Cybertron, then hugged his father for the amazing gift that he received. During the christmas break Tyler was attacked by two of Grimlord's drones, and Adam's Father perished in the car accident, where he had left his now orphan son with Master Tao as his guardian and only family.


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  • Cyber Crystal
  • Unnamed Lightsabre-like Sword: In the pilot of Cybertron, Adam used a sword with using his right hand to create the weapon to attack his enemies.

Behind the Scenes


Frank also portrayed Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).


  • While Saban Entertainment (who produced both Power Rangers and Cybertron) had American actor Brad Hawkins for the role of White Ranger (replacement for Green Ranger in Power Rangers). However, later, Saban brought back Frank for the role of Tommy Oliver, who became the White Ranger instead, and re-casted Hawkins for the role of Adam Steele who was renamed Ryan Steele and Cybertron later became a part of VR Troopers as VR Ryan.
  • The Cybertron theme song was changed to "Go Green/White Ranger Go" for the Power Rangers series.[Citation needed]


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