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A Very Different Day (一日だけの晴れ舞台 Ichinichi Dake no Harebutai?) is the forty-fourth episode of Tokkei Winspector


A crime spree committed by a little old lady is interrupted by an even bigger crime spree, one that threatens to hold Tokyo for ransom under the threat of bombing. With Winspector racing against time to prevent the crimes, an odd alliance is formed between a failed actor who witnessed the crime. Will they be able to stop them before time runs out? Find out, as this failed actor gives A One Day Only Performance!


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Guest Cast

  • Yoneyoshi Yoneyama (米山米吉 Yoneyama Yonekichi?): Batten Arakawa (ばってん荒川?)
  • Isamu Fujiwara (藤原勇 Fujiwara Isamu?): Takeshi Ishikawa (石川武 Ishikawa Takeshi?)
  • Police: Shotaro Tanaka (田中 正太郎 Tanaka Shōtarō?), Kazuo Yamada (山田一雄 Yamada Kazuo?)
  • Man: Makoto Nakata (中田誠 Nakata Makoto?)
  • Yoneyoshi Yoneyama's son: Suguru Oonuma (大沼誉 Ōnuma Suguru?)


Here's what it looks like on the eyecatch.


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