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• 7/30/2014

Viewer Advisory Template

This discussion is for where we should place this template and is an extension of a discussion on KR Wiki.
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• 7/27/2014

MH Parent Page Discussion

Okay, this franchise is a bit out of my element (no subs for any full series yet).
I need a little help from those who are familiar with it in getting the finer details. Drugs and Alcohol? Swearing? Sexual Themes?
That being said, she's almost ready for submission...if I didn't miss anything..
We also need to discuss if we need to expand this to encompass other media or keep it simple like Rangerwiki's.
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• 6/9/2013

Moero!! Robocon being moved here

As many of you know, an image including the show Moero!! Robocon with the 17 Metal Heroes series was shown. I asked if it should be included on this wiki, but the answer was no. However, I believe that I have come up with enough evidence to move Moero!! Robocon here instead of on Tokupedia.
1. Moero!! Robocon's inclusion with the other Metal Hero series in Super Hero Taihen. The specific term Metal Hero is used, not just the shows airing between the cancellation of Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider Kuuga.
2. There are way to many similiarities between the last two Metal Hero shows, Kabutack and Robotack, with Robocon (all three being about comical heroes meeting humans).
3. There are usually Stage Shows that crossover Super Sentai with either Kamen Rider or Metal Heroes or both. These are called 3 Heroes (for when all three shows crossover) or Double Heroes (for when it's just SS with KR or MH). In 1999, the Sentai show GoGo-V crossed over with Robocon.
4. In the Toei Super Hero Land, there is a wall featuring all of Toei's shows. The wall uses colors for each different franchise (red for SS, blue for KR, silver for MH, pink for the Fushigi Comedy series, and black for the other shows. On this wall, Moero!! Robocon is shows in silver writing, with Robocon standing next to Kabutack and Robotack. (
For the reasons why we are not removing it, I can only really think of one:
1. Moero!! Robocon is a remake of an Ishinomori show. However, many shows in franchises can have different makers (take Super Sentai for example, only the first two shows were created by Ishinomori, while the others were by different people).
So, I believe there is more than enough evidence that I have gathered to put Moero! Robocon on this wiki.
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• 4/18/2013

New Icons

With the anouncement of Metal Hero Ranger Keys, there will obviously be icons for these Ranger Keys. I think that when we know what these icons for the Hero Keys are, we should change the icons on the front page to what the icon on the key is. However, that will mean we should think of icons for the 9 other series (I say 9 because it looks like Robo and Kabutack are being removed).
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• 3/6/2013


This wiki could use a favicon like the other tokusatsu wikis. RangerWiki has the bolt, Kamen Rider Wiki has Kamen Rider's (Ichigo) helmet. I myself previously made a favicon of Inazuman's head for the Inazuman Wiki and Zubat's helmet for the Zubat Wiki.
Maybe the Metal Heroes Wiki favicon could be Gavan's helmet.
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