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• 11/4/2018

Putting english title to japanese song


I'm just wondering how do I put the English title to a japanese song?

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• 9/5/2018

User blogs

I featured Sophie Villeneuve on my userpage. I really wish it was on a blog post, though.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 7/2/2016

Songs of Metal Heroes

hey admin mind letting me add more metal heroes songs cause i cant do it without you unblocking it
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• 5/18/2016

Villains and monsters

Hi all. As you may have noticed, I recently added images and brief bios on some of the Janperson villains. As some of you are aware, Janperson did not have many traditional rubber suited monsters, but did have weekly villains who served a similar purpose. Also, the show was never very consistent with displaying the villains' names. That is why some of the screen shots I've posted have the Japanese text (Django, Street Fighters, Omega DX, etc) and some don't (Iceman, Dollman, Sakakura, etc).
I have screen shots of all the villains and will be uploading them when time permits. I also have every episode of Winspector and Solbrain and have been making screen caps of those as well.
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• 1/22/2016

Monsters of the week

Is there more monsters than that
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• 6/28/2015

Criminal Syndicate Bioron. and Biological Terrorism.

When think the Criminal Syndicate Bioron From Jiban that Reminds me of a Generic Terrorist Organization. been sent Monster of the Week Rather than a Direct Approach like. i was think of that in Comparison.
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• 11/1/2014

Space Sheriff Sharivan: Next Generation (Naming)

Eileen is spelled as Aileen in her mobile phone.
Also, Gencer's name must've started with a J (therefore Jenser/Jencer), since Aileen's phone record has "J" as his name.
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• 8/15/2014

"Real" Episode 45 of Janperson

I just edited the wikipedia and create a new page here because this is the "real" Episode 45 of Janperson.
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• 7/30/2014

Viewer Advisory Template

This discussion is for where we should place this template and is an extension of a discussion on KR Wiki.
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• 7/27/2014

MH Parent Page Discussion

Okay, this franchise is a bit out of my element (no subs for any full series yet).
I need a little help from those who are familiar with it in getting the finer details. Drugs and Alcohol? Swearing? Sexual Themes?
That being said, she's almost ready for submission...if I didn't miss anything..
We also need to discuss if we need to expand this to encompass other media or keep it simple like Rangerwiki's.
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• 3/21/2014

The 2 Villans from Janperson and Blue SWAT

Who were those 2 robots and aliens and what episodes were they on ?
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• 3/19/2014


What is different between those forms
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• 3/19/2014

Add preload templates for articles

Hmm, first post in this section. RangerWiki and Tokupedia have a menu listing preloads for different types of articles (actor, hero, ally, villain, song, series, etc). We need those here too.
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• 3/18/2014


What were the names of the alien on each episode in a row of blue swat and the ones on B-Fighter
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• 3/15/2014

200px and 250px

What does those things mean
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• 2/3/2014

What about this anime, Keoro Gunso?

Did 556 transform into Space Sheriff? 556 transform into Space Sheriff.
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• 2/3/2014

What about this anime, Keoro Gunso?

Did 556 transform into Space Sheriff? 556 transform into Space Sheriff.
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• 2/1/2014

Retsu Ichijouji promoted as Commander.

Did Retsu Ichijouji promoted as Commander?
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This post is locked.
• 12/31/2013

GaoBlue's father

Which episode of Gaoranger did he appear in?
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